CV600 … CV660

Low-Cost vibrating level switches for granular solids

The instruments are used for level detection in all kinds of vessels, silos and containers filled with dry grained or granular solids. Due to its small dimension especially the CV660 is ideal for use in small vessels. The minimum density of the materials to be detected is 20 grams per litre for the CV600 and 50 grams per litre for CV660, the max. grain size is 10mm for both instruments.
For CV600 a special model is available with increased sensitivity for very light materials <10g/l.


  • low price but habitually high PTL-quality
  • reliable function: the unique, patented single rod design prevents false alarms caused by squeezed material or bridging
  • material settled on the silo wall has no influence on the function of the instruments as only the vibrating rod is sensitive, not the 75mm long base of the probe
  • complete stainless steel construction of the probe
  • the electronics of the CV600 is mounted inside an aluminium enclosure, protection IP66 / IP67
  • developed and manufactured at PTL in Germany according to DIN EN ISO9001:2008
  • units are CE-certified and meet the requirements of European directives LVD 2014/35/EU and EMC 2014/30/EU
  • ATEX approvals for gas- and dust-ex applications available for CV600

CV600: aluminium housing, electronics with wide range power supply and relay output

CV630: with welded pipe extension for insertion lengths up to 1,0m

CV650: with cable extension, insertion lengths up to 4,0m

CV660: compact model with DIN-connector and 24V transistor output