Sales Brochure STOCKTROL

The STOCKTROL is available in 4 different models:

  • CV210 standard model, fix insertion length approx. 190mm
  • CV310 with welded pipe extension, insertion length up to 2,0m
  • CV410 with threaded pipe extension, insertion length up to 4,0m
  • CV510 with cable extension, insertion length up to 20m

A special model SEDIMENT for interface detection, (e.g. sand in water), is available for all types

The qualities of the STOCKTROL are convincing:

wide range of applications: ideal for light materials like styrofoam as well as for heavy bulk solids like sand, for powders as well as for granules with grain sizes up to 20mm

  • the extremely high sensitivity makes the STOCKTROL applicable for materials with densities as low as 10 grams per litre
  • no false alarms due to bridging: the single blade design eliminates the risk that material can build a bridge between the two blades, a common problem with instruments with fork design
  • no false alarms due to material build-up onto the vibrating blade: the sword shaped blade of the STOCKTROL helps that material can easily flow
  • no false alarms due to rat holing: as the sword shaped vibrating blade prevents material to deposit onto it the STOCKTROL can be driven with very low energy. This prevents that the instrument can build a cavity inside the material, in which it could vibrate although surrounded by material
  • material settled on the silo wall has no influence on the funtion of the STOCKTROL as only the vibrating blade is sensitive, not the 90mm long base of the probe
  • the complete probe is made out of stainless steel, the electronics is mounted inside an aluminium enclosure, protection IP66 / IP67 developed and manufactured at PTL in Germany according to DIN EN ISO9001:2015
  • all units are CE-certified and meet the requirements of European directives LVD 2014/35/EU and EMC 2014/30/EU
  • ATEX approvals for gas- and dust-ex applications available for CV210, CV310 and CV510.

STOCKTROL CV210: standard model

STOCKTROL CV310: with welded pipe extension

STOCKTROL CV410: with threaded pipe extension

STOCKTROL CV510: model with cable extension