About us

PTL Hermann was founded in 1982 and since then is concentrating on the development and production of level control instrumentation.

Due to the early specializing on vibrating level switches, in particular on those for solids, we own without doubt the technical leadership in this area. Our patented instruments with the innovative single-rod technology are unique on the world market.

For development and production new appealing facilities are at our disposal, equipped with modern technique and machinery.

Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers.
We reach this goal by our high quality standards which by far exceed the requirements of DIN EN ISO9001 (according to which we are certified) and particularly by our commitment to continuously improve our products on the base of a consequent orientation on the customer needs.

Satisfied customers are our key to success.

In responsibility for our environment we keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. Up to 50% of PTL´s power consumption gets produced by solar panels located on the roof of our production facility. The balance gets sourced from the local hydroelectric power plant in Rheinfelden.