Sales Brochure LevelSwitch

The LevelSwitch is available in 4 different models:

  • CV120 standard model with fix insertion length of approx. 170mm
  • CV130 model with welded pipe extension, insertion length up to 2,0m
  • CV140 model with threaded pipe extension, insertion length up to 4,0m
  • CV150 model with cable extension, insertion length up to 20m

CV120 / CV130 / CV140 / CV150 are excellent working level control
instruments for detecting high-, low- or mid level in silos, vessels or
hoppers filled with dry grained or powdered material. Over and above
all the positive characteristics of the vibration technique itself the LevelSwitch-series offers the following advantages to the user:

Maximum versatility

  • high sensitivity: even very light materials with densities down to 20 grams/litre can be detected
  • strong stainless steel construction with patented reinforced membrane allows to use the LevelSwitch as well for heavy materials like cement and in rough environments
  • applicable for powders as well as for materials with grain size up to 40mm

Highest performance

  • the unique design with the single diamond shaped vibrating blade makes the LevelSwitch work reliably without malfunction; the single blade design has the advantage that material cannot build a bridge over the two blades of instruments with fork design thus causing false alarms; also materials cannot be squeezed between the two blades
  • the diamond shape helps that material can easily flow over the vibrating blade and prevents material build-up causing false signals

Highest quality

  • the complete probe is made out of stainless steel, the electronics is mounted inside an aluminium enclosure, protection IP66 / IP67
  • developed and manufactured at PTL in Germany according to DIN EN ISO9001:2015
  • all units are CE-certified and meet the requirements of European directives LVD 2014/35/EU and EMC 2014/30/EU
  • ATEX approvals for dust-ex and gas-ex applications available for CV120, CV130 and CV150

LevelSwitch CV120: standard model

LevelSwitch CV130: with welded pipe extension

LevelSwitch CV140: model with threaded pipe extension

LevelSwitch CV150: extension by cable